University of the Assumption Senior High School (UASHS) curriculum is geared towards the holistic development of students through its diversified and integrative subjects.

One of these is Practical Research 1 which is a course in the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) strand. It aims to develop higher-order thinking skills which include critical thinking, reasoning and communication.

For the first quarter of the current semester, grade 11 students under STEM learned the basics of research: its nature, kinds and process. For their culminating activity for the first quarter of the current school year, students defended their thesis title before a panel of research specialists including the principal Dr. Violy Santos.

The students are being assisted by their teachers who are research specialists namely Mr. Jomari Pangilinan; Ma. Victoria D. Cunanan, R.Ph., MAED; and Ms. Menchu Lozano, DMD, MACD, PhD.

– by Mr. Jomari Pangilinan