Research Workshop Held for UA Researchers

The Research and Planning Office (RPO) of the University of the Assumption conducted a seminar and workshop for deans, researchers and teachers from the different colleges and schools in UA on May 18, 2017 at the Domus Mariae Coffee Shop.

Dr. Maria Barbara Wong-Fernandez, the Director of Research Office of Jose Rizal University, talked about the essentials for publication of research works in international journals. She shared styles and techniques to come up with papers that are worth publishing in the international arena.

Fernandez also encouraged the participants to raise the bar in doing research, “You have to keep trying and be diligent in your revisions until you come up with a good paper,” she said.

Dr. Arnel Sicat, Director of UA Research and Planning Office stressed that the workshop-seminar is in line with the continuing efforts to strengthen research culture in UA even as he takes pride in the quality of work which are currently produced by UA researchers.

“As soon as your works are published, these can be used by our students and the entire UA community to acquire new knowledge,” he said. Calling the researchers as “producers of knowledge”, he emphasized that doing research and having the output published and used by the academic community “is the apex of teaching”.

UA Junior High School is Level 3 PAASCU Accredited

In a letter received by the University President Fr. Joselito C. Henson on May 10, 2017, the Philippine Accrediting Association of Schools, Colleges and Universities (PAASCU) announced that the University of the Assumption Junior High School (UAJHS) is awarded Level 3 accreditation by the Federation of Accrediting Agencies of the Philippines (FAAP).

This is the highest level of accreditation given to basic education programs.

The Level 3 status recognizes UAJHS and its high standard of instruction, its well-developed mechanism for improving the curriculum, a high level of achievement and creditable performance of its teachers and students, the involvement of students and teachers to community extension programs, and the appropriate budget allocation and/or systematic plan for staff development programs.

Moreover, the recognition also grants to UAJHS “full curricular autonomy, including the authority to innovate without need for prior approval provided that the concerned DepED Regional Office is duly informed,”and the “full autonomy including freedom from visitation, inspection and/or supervision by DepED supervisory personnel or representatives for the duration of its Level III accredited status. (DO 32, s.2006)

By maintaining a high standard of learning and education, UA Junior High School proves its commitment to live up its goals as an instrument in the promotion of quality Catholic education.

Fr. Henson congratulated the UAJHS community on his facebook post.

Earlier this year, UA Grade School was also granted PAASCU level 3 accreditation status while programs in the Arts and Sciences, Elementary Education, Secondary Education, Nursing and Business Administration are level 2 PAASCU accredited.

Currently, the Hotel and Restaurant Management and Tourism Management programs and the Graduate School are undergoing certification procedure in line with the vision of UA to provide quality education.

Fr. Yalung Presents K-12 Paper on Diocesan Forum

Father Oliver G. Yalung, Institue of Theology and Religious Studies director, presented a paper entitled “Coping with K-12: The UA experience” during the 3 rd Diocesan Forum of the Catholic Educational Association of the Philippines and its sub-committee National Tertiary Educational Commission (CEAP-NTEC) in Butuan, City on April 27-28, 2017.

During the forum, Yalung discussed his paper which speaks about the challenges surrounding the K-12 implementation in the University of the Assumption as well as how UA addresses these concerns. He explained that the paper was an assessment from study interviews of the UA Research and Planning Office regarding the implementation of the program.

In his article, Yalung used the image of the ‘Woman in Labor’ to describe how higher educational institutions (HEIs) such as UA are dealing with K-12. He refers to the K-12 challenges as the ‘birth pains’ which involves the development of curriculum, enrolment uncertainties, faculty displacements, senior high school identity, facilities, and the school’s finances and operations.

He also highlighted the efforts of the university to handle these concerns including the establishment of a K-12 working committee which eases out the pains of birthing the program and ensuring its smooth transitions.

“I took it from the scriptural text of St. John 16:21. Our schools are in labor. They are in anguish because K-12 has arrived. But when they have given birth to their child, they no longer remember the pain because of the joy that the child has been born,” he explained.

He added that papers and reports regarding K-12 are essential for institutions like UA to be more introspective and conscious of the new challenges in private higher education.

“I think this is something that we have to do really in the university… We expect more researches like this, more assessments and eventually, more sharing and benchmarking to other institutions, “ he said.

UA Taekwondo Players Haul Medals in National Games

Taekwondo players of the University of the Assumption collected medals in the recently held Private Schools Athletic Association (PRISAA) National Games 2017 and PalarongPambansa 2017.

Representing Region III, UA players brought home 2 silver and 11 bronze medals from the PRISAA National Games 2017held on April 23-29 at Iba, Zambales.

Azur Nasserpal P. Diaz (BS Architecture) and Aldrin G. Lulu (BS Accounting Technology) won silver medals in Kyurogi category. Julizer Leo L. Borromeo (BS Psychology), Christian Marione M. Pasumbal (BS Architecture), Kenneth G. Reyes (BS Information Technology), Iris Kheylle P. Bacani, Kateleen Rei B. Bonifacio and Araceli Gieann G. Bustamante (BS Business Administration), Edil Jane Cabuso (BS Education) were bronze medalists in the same category.

Meanwhile, for the Poomsae category, UA won a total of 5 bronze medals in team and mixed duo events. Members of the Team were Kateleen Rei B. Bonifacio, Araceli Gieann G. Bustamanteand Edil Jane G. Cabuso. Winners in the mixed duo event were Julizer Leo L. Borromeo and Kateleen Rei B. Bonifacio.

Meanwhile, Grade 8 student Mark Eledir D. David of the UAJHS won the silver medal in the Taekwondo secondary boys fin weight division of the Palarong Pambansa 2017 held in Antique, Aklan on April 23-29.

Sports Coordinator Mr. Ulysses Rengel and Head Coach Dauphin Punzalan consider the dedication and hardwork that the UA athletes are giving to their sports that made them win in national competition.

UA Alumni Foundation Awards Scholarships

The UA Alumni Foundation, Inc. (UAAFI) announces the awarding of full scholarship to seven (7) college students starting in School Year 2017-2018.

The candidates were initially evaluated by the Office of the Student Affairs Director and Scholarship Committee Chairperson Ms. Precious Bernadette Estrada based on their academic records, leadership skills and economic standing of their family. The final screening was conducted by UAAFI President Mr. Senen Quiambao and UA Director for External Affairs and Media Mr. Fernando Santos.

The students who made it to the list of UAAFI scholars are: Angela May S. Amameda (BSA), Ma. Christina P. Balatbat (BSA), Angelica V. Baluyut (BSAT), Kimberly B. Franco (BSA), James S. Jaime (BSA), Raymond S. Maniago (BSAT) and Kiana A. Mejia (BSAT).

According to Mr.Quiambao, the foundation is committed to helping intelligent students in financial difficulty finish a degree in UA. “Education is the only way out of poverty and UAAFI is willing to assist poor students to realize their dreams,” he said.

The scholarship will cover tuition, miscellaneous and other fees until the scholars willfinish their academic program provided that they do not get a failing grade in any course.

UA Junior High School Students Enjoy ESC Grant and Other Scholarships

Committed to offer quality and accessible education for all, the University of the Assumption Junior High School continues to provide scholarships and financial grants to junior high school students. One is through the help of the Department of Education’s Education Service Contracting (ESC)program which extends financial assistance to junior high school students for the past nine (9) years.

ESC is a program under the Government Assistance to Students and Teachers in Private Education (GASTPE) which is granted to private schools that have government recognition, passed certification and/or accredited by agencies under the Federation of Accrediting Agencies of the Philippines (FAAP).

UAJHS, as a PAASCU Level II re-accredited institution,is a reliable arm in delivering government subsidy to students. In recognition of the excellent education that UAJHS offers, GASTPE provides assistance to all regular junior high school students of UA amounting to P8,500 for grades seven, eight and nine and P7,500 for grade ten.

ESC grant covers four years of junior high school education which means that incoming grade seven students will receive the grant until grade 10.

Aside from ESC, UA Junior High School also offers various scholarship programs for honor students sports and culture.

Ms. Edita Sagmit, UAJHS Principal said that these scholarship programs are meant to provide financial assistance to our students because we value them and, more importantly,

“we want everyone to have access to the Assumption education which is anchored on academic excellence, Christian formation and service to the community.”

Easter Message 2017


The beginning of the Easter celebration is marked by the blessing of fire and water, two of the most important symbols of life in the Christian tradition.

Scriptures is replete with images of fire and water:

God revealed himself to Moses through the burning bush. A pillar of fire guided the Israelites at night as they journeyed through the desert. The primary task of priests in the Old Testament was to protect the fire in the temple and keep it burning. In the New Testament, the Holy Spirit descended on the apostles in the form of tongues of fire. A few days after Jesus resurrected, he set up fire and prepared breakfast for his hapless apostles who went fishing all night but came home empty-handed.

The role of a good shepherd is to lead the sheep to quiet waters and refresh their souls. A psalmist compares his longing for the divine presence in the temple to a deer pining for flowing streams. People who trust in the Lord are like trees planted beside the waters that stretch their roots to the rivers. At the well, Jesus offered the Samaritan woman a spring of water welling up to eternal life. At the last supper, Jesus poured water on the apostles’ tired feet and washed them.

Fire and water. Symbols of Easter. Symbols of LIFE and HOPE.

Ironically, water and fire can also be sources of destruction. Fire ravaged more than a thousand homes in a slum area recently. In 2013, Yolanda’s water took the lives of thousands of people and caused unimaginable devastation in Leyte.

We are like fire and water, capable of bringing about life, or death. At Easter God showed us through Christ what the redemptive choice is. Let us be Easter people. Let us be for others, not death-dealing, but life- and hope-giving fire and water.



Fr. Joselito C. Henson
University President

Job Opportunities for UA Grads Brought to Campus

To assist graduating students and job seekers find employment opportunities, the University of the Assumption facilitated the 2017 Local Recruitment Activity on March 28, 2017 in cooperation with twenty-four local and international companies and industry partners in the country.

UA Guidance and Admissions Office (GAO) spearheaded the annual job placement pursuit as an extended service to the Assumptionists. “One of the services of the school is to guide the students even after they have graduated and not only while they are schooling. We always wanted to help them especially with their job search,” said Ms. Leila Luz Caballa, GAO director.

Graduating students attended the activity bringing not only their resumes but also their hopes to be immediately interviewed and be accepted for employment.

According to Shawn Carlo, an HRM student, the campus job fair is really convenient to them since it saves them time and money in visiting their prospect companies.”This recruitment activity is helpful for us. It’s like a one-stop shop where you get to submit your resume and have your initial interview right away without spending on transportation fares and allowances.”



Moreover, John Nicole Buenafe, an AB Communication student said he felt that the school is helping its graduates to secure their future through helping them find and land a job by providing a venue where they could apply to as many companies they desire.

The participating companies came from outsourcing, banking, business, marketing, IT, media, medical, and educational industries and institutions.

UA Athletes to Compete in National PRISAA 2017

University of the Assumption will advance to the national games of the Private Schools Athletic Association (PRISAA) 2017 after accumulating 28 gold, 10 silver, and 3 bronze medals in different individual sporting events during the regional competition of PRISAA held last March 4-5, 11-12 in Angeles, City.

In the team sports, UA women basketball players were hailed champion while players won silver in the men and women categories of the beach volleyball.

Gold medalists of their respective events will automatically take part in representing Central Luzon in the national leg of the athletic meet to be held in Iba, Zambales on April 23-28 together with players coming from the different clusters in region three which include Pampanga, Angeles City and Tarlac, Bulacan, Nueva Ecija, and Zambales-Olongapo-Bataan.

See list of winners here

According to Mr. Ulysses Rengel, UA Sports coordinator, it was somehow challenging to compete in the athletic meet knowing that the competitors also come from big schools and universities nationwide. “For the national competition, UA players will undergo rigid trainings and sports program daily during the summer break so that they will be more prepared and set for the national meet,” Said Rengel.

PRISAA serves as as the venue of sports, academic, and cultural development on the Filipino youth who are expecting to bring pride honor and prestige to the country. It is committed to harness the potentials of the youth for excellence in sports, academic, and cultural activities for a competitive and strengthened republic. (

Assumptionist Awarded as Outstanding Gawad Anak OFW

Kersie Q. Galang, a student of the University of the Assumption championed this year’s Search for Gawad Anak OFW of the Archdiocese of San Fernando Pampanga. The search aims to recognize the sons and daughters of Filipino migrant workers who have maintained good academic record, exhibited leadership skills, served the community and have lived by their values despite being away from their parents.

Besting other college students from different private and public schools in Pampanga, Kersie said that he dedicates the recognition to the University but most especially to his father who works in Korea for 15 years now.

“The award is not for me, it’s for my father. I only represent all his hardwork and sacrifices being away to sustain our family. This is also a great opportunity to influence SDO (Sons and Daughters of OFW) like me to consider the situation as an advantage and transform it as an inspiration to work and study harder.”

Kersie also shared that the impact of the award really motivates him to give back to his parents. More so, he encourages students with parents living with them or working abroad to cherish and acknowledge what their mothers and fathers do, to let them feel that their perseverance really pays off.

“With Kersie, even though his father is miles away, he was able to make it. He has good foundation, he has values, and he excels in his study. He knows the worth of all the sacrifices of his parents,” said Ms. Angie Evangelista, UA guidance counselor.

Recently, Kersie was also elected as the University of the Assumption Central Student Council President for the academic year 2017-2018. He said that part of his platform, in cooperation with the Guidance and Admissions Office, is to form an organization that would support the needs and welfare of students who are children of migrant workers.

Gawad Anak OFW is a project of the Archdiocesan Commission on Family and Life.