• Overview
  • Technical Section
  • Library Services
  • IT & Off-Campus Access

    The University of the Assumption Library is located at the second and third floors of Bishop Jesus C. Galang Building. It is the mission of the library to provide the educational resources needed to meet the academic and research demands of the institution. It houses a wide array of books, references, periodicals, audio-visual materials and online resources intended to enhance learning and instruction.

    4 Discussion Rooms

    Qualified Library Users

    The following can avail of the services of the library:

    1. All bona fide students of the University with validated school I.D.
    2. Faculty members, non-teaching staff, and administrators of the University
    3. Alumni of the University with alumni membership cards
    4. Researchers from other schools/ institutions with referral letters

    Service Hours

    Regular Semester
    Monday – Friday 7:30 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.
    Saturday 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

    Monday – Friday 8:00 – 5:00 p.m.

  • Technical Section

    This section acquires, organizes and maintains the library collection. It is composed of the following divisions:

    This division selects purchases and accessions of all library materials.
    This division catalogs, classifies and prepares pertinent records of newly acquired books and other library materials before these are transferred to the Reader’s Services Sections.
    Library Automation
    This division records/encodes all acquired library materials through the computer, maintains library collection in a database and performs online cataloging works.
  • Readers’ Services

    • Reserve/In-House Section

      Reserve/In-House Section

      Reserve and In-House Section 1

      Textbooks in different subjects are housed in the Reserve Section while all research works, such as theses, dissertations and feasibility studies of undergraduate students are in the In-House Section.

      Reserve and In-House Section 2

    • Filipiniana Section

      Filipiniana Section

      Filipiniana Section

      This section is devoted to books about the Philippines covering various subject areas written by Filipino and Foreign authors published here and abroad. Special Collection such as Rizaliana collection, Pampango Collection and Filipiniana Reference are available in this section.

    • Circulation Section

      Circulation Section

      Circulation Section

      This section contains fiction and non-fiction collection of books written by foreign authors.

    • Reference Section

      Reference Section

      Reference Section

      Materials needed to be consulted when looking for specific information are housed in this section. Examples are almanacs, dictionaries, encyclopedias, handbooks, guidebooks, atlases, etc.

    • Periodical Section

      Periodical Section


      Periodical Section 1

      Journals, magazines, newspapers, newsletters (both current and back issues) government publications, clippings and indexed materials are found in this section. It also includes Assumptiana Collection where all memorabilia of the university can be found.

      Periodical Section 2


    • Hotel and Restaurant Management, Tourism Management & Nursing Section

      Hotel and Restaurant Management, Tourism Management & Nursing Section

      HRM Tourism Nursing Section

      This section houses specialized collection intended to meet the curricular needs of the HRM/Tourism and Nursing departments. It provides the three departments with reading materials such as professional books, textbooks and reference materials.

    • Technological Studies Section (TSS)

      Technological Studies Section (TSS)

      Technological Studies Section 1

      Professional books of the Architecture, Engineering, Computer Science & Information Technology departments are found in this section.

      Technological Studies Section 2

    • Graduate School Section

      Graduate School Section

      Graduate School Section

      The Graduate School book collection covers an adequate range of reading materials designed to meet the research needs of the users.

    • Audio Visual Center (AVC)

      Audio Visual Center (AVC)

      Audio Visual Center

      This section houses and circulates a collection of multi-media materials and equipment for viewing. All media equipment and materials are to be used in the viewing rooms only. Selected audio- visual materials can be borrowed for overnight use by students/faculty on a case to case basis.

    • Internet Section

      Internet Section

      Internet Section

      This section facilitates research through an easy access and retrieval of updated information and materials in the web.

      Students can avail unlimited access on the internet on a “First Come, First Serve” basis, however, a one (1) hour per session will be imposed to accommodate all students who wants to use the internet. Printing services is available at the Internet Section. Prices vary according to the size of graphics.

    • E-brary


      E-brary 1

      It is located at the Periodical Section of the University Library. In this area, students/faculty can do their researches through the use of CD ROMs, Infotrac Custom 100 and World Book Online.

      E-brary 2

      E-brary 3

  • Access to Information Technology

    OPAC 1

    • E-brary (CD-ROM, Online Resources of Professional Journals – Infotrac
      and Online Reference Worldbook)
    • OPAC (Online Public Access Catalog)/WebOPAC
    • Wi-Fi
    • Internet

    OPAC 2

    24/7 Off-campus Access

    Most of the library’s online resources can now be accessed off campus via
    the internet. Just visit the links provided below to access these resources. Once directed to the website, you will be prompted to log in using a set of usernames and passwords which are available upon request in the library.

    • WebOPAC – it allows searching materials in the library and checking library accounts of its users.
    • InfoTrac Custom 100 – a database of 100 scholarly journals with magazines and news articles.
    • World Book Online – an online reference of encyclopedia, dictionary, almanac and atlas powered into one database.