The University of the Assumption (UA) is an Archdiocesan Catholic University established in 1963 by Archbishop Emilio Cinense, D.D. to provide quality education to the young people of Pampanga and nearby provinces.

Dedicated to the formation of globally competent, morally upright and socially responsible Catholic leaders, UA provides its students with excellent academic formation infused with Christian values and enhanced by community service.

UA encourages scholarly activities and innovation from its faculty and students. Teachers follow the student-centered teaching method in which the focus is the learner using active, cooperative and inductive learning techniques. Classroom discussion is reinforced and more completely assimilated through research which engages the intellectual curiosity of students, satisfies their thirst for discovery and gives them outlet for their creativity. Local and international on-the- job training for college students allows them to gain practical knowledge in their chosen fields which enables them to be better prepared for their career after school.

Students explore the richness of intellectual knowledge with Religion as the core of the curriculum by utilizing emotional and affective learning in an environment that promotes critical thinking guided by universally accepted truths. Students from other religions are free to practice their faith as they gain learnings in the context of charity. The curriculum provides varied experiences which help students learn the vital harmony between faith and culture, between religion and science or history, between theology and business or technology in a healthy exchange of information.

UA highlights volunteerism as an important element in the formation of leaders. The entire community participates in the extension work which provides assistance to the less privileged in the society. It taps on the compassion and creativity of the volunteers and helps them develop leadership skills.

Students are engaged in activities that help them discover and develop their leadership skills through the councils and different organizations. Their sense of justice, commitment and involvement is cultivated through shared decision making and communal undertakings. Student activities such as peer tutoring, extension services and social events help in nurturing and supporting a learning community that promotes academic achievement and character building.

For the continuing quest for excellence of UA, the Federation of Accrediting Associations of the Philippines (FAAP) through the Philippine Accrediting Association of Schools, Colleges and Universities (PAASCU) has granted Level II re-accredited status to the following programs: Grade School, High School, Elementary and Secondary Education, Business Administration, Nursing and Arts and Sciences. The Hotel and Restaurant Management Program is also a candidate for accreditation.

To date, UA remains one of the most preferred schools in the region. It continues to produce professionals who manifest the true character of Assumptionists: men and women of learning, virtue and community.

Graduates from its basic education program excel in their search for higher learning while those who graduate in the different collegiate programs are preferred by employers and many of them are occupying important positions in different organizations. The performance of graduates in licensure examinations has consistently been beyond the national passing rate with topnotchers in Nursing, Architecture and Accountancy.

Today, the University of the Assumption is opening its doors to international students and research collaborations as it works for its deregulated status in 2018.