The Outreach Ministry shall be responsible for the organization and implementation of integrated social action programs in communities, especially those around UA. This office shall also provide support to the local church in terms of formation programs and social services for various groups in the Archdiocese. The Outreach Ministry Office is located at Room 100 Ground Floor, Sr. Mary Philip Ryan O.P. building.

The Outreach Ministry provides the members of the UA family the opportunities to serve the larger community through:

  • Outreach Programs

    Outreach Programs

    • Apostolate for the Destitute and the Age
    • Apostolate for the Sick
    • Apostolate for the Children and Orphans
    • Catechetical Apostolate
    • Apostolate for the Physically and Mentally Challenged
    • Prison Apostolate
    • Ecological Stewardship
  • Community Exposure Program

    Community Exposure Program

    Through the Institute of Theological and Religious Studies, students are provided modules and activities to broaden their awareness on community’s present condition.

  • Community Adoption

    Community Adoption

    The program promotes community extension projects motivated by the principle “helping people to help themselves.” The community-based extension activities include:

    • Spiritual Development and Values Formation
    • Community Organizing
    • Community Health Nursing
    • Environmental Conservation Program
    • Applied Nutrition Program
    • Literacy Program
    • Socio-economic and Cultural Development
    • Gender Sensitivity Training Program
    • Leadership Skills Training
    • Community Outreach Activities (NSTP)
    • Short term courses in coordination with the City Government Office
    • Sports Activity Program
    • HIV/AIDS Education Support Program
    • Care for the Indigenous Group Program