The Guidance and Admissions Office (GAO) is located at the ground floor Room 102 of Sr. Mary Philip Ryan O.P. Building. It is staffed with professionally trained Guidance Counselors who assist students in their educational, social, career and personal concerns. Its programs and services aim to enhance, facilitate, and nurture the students’ development toward self-actualization thereby making them productive individuals. The following are the programs and services offered by the GAO:

  • Individual Inventory

    Individual Inventory

    The Guidance and Admissions office maintains up-to-date and relevant information of all enrolled students. Such information is kept confidentially and filed in each student’s cumulative folder.

    Psychological test results, interview and counseling notes are recorded in the folders. This information is utilized by the counselors in guiding students toward self-understanding.

  • Psychological Testing

    Psychological Testing

    The Office maintains adequate standardized test materials and continually procures new and additional ones whenever necessary. There are varied mental ability, achievement, aptitude tests as well as personality and interest inventories administered to students. These are used for screening new students, for career guidance and for counseling students with personal or emotional problems. Test results are interpreted to students individually to help them discover their strengths and weaknesses for personal or career development.

  • Information


    Relevant educational, occupational, and social information is provided to students through the bulletin board announcements, brochures, Student Manual or though classroom discussions by the Guidance Counselors. Orientation programs for new students are held to facilitate their adjustment to the school while re-orientation sessions for old students are held yearly to update students with new policies or school activities. The Guidance Counselors also assist the Office of the Student Affairs in conducting Student Development Seminars.

  • Counseling


    With an adequate counselor-student ratio, individual and group counseling are provided to students with personal, emotional, career or academic problems. New students are scheduled for initial interview sessions with their respective counselors with the purpose of establishing rapport that would later open the door for counseling. Walk-in students and referrals from deans, teachers or other school personnel are immediately given attention for counseling is always considered as a top priority over and above other guidance activities.

  • Placement and Follow-up

    Placement and Follow-up

    The school helps prepare graduating students for employment by giving them pointers on job hunting. Actual job interviews are conducted by different companies/institutions through the Annual UA Job Fair which is sponsored by the Guidance and Admissions Office.

    The school responds to the needs of the employment sector by maintaining linkages with different business firms, industries, and educational institutions. A yearly Graduates’ Directory is compiled by the Career and Placement Counselor which is given to requesting companies for possible career opportunities.

  • Research and Evaluation

    Research and Evaluation

    The Guidance and Admissions Office also serves the school administrators through the conduct of Guidance –related researches or through the Evaluation of Student Services. Results of these researches and evaluation are utilized for the improvement of the schools’ programs and services.

  • Admission


    The University’s admission program is being implemented by the Guidance and Admissions Office. The Office is also responsible for the selection of qualified applicants and for the administration of the College Entrance Tests.

  • Program for sons and daughters of OFW

    Program for sons and daughters of OFW

    Students are invited to see their Guidance Counselors and avail of the services as often as they want to.