Enrolment Related Dates

The Office of the University Registrar (OUR), in a memo dated June 1, 2016, announced the important dates related to enrolment for Academic Year 2016-2017.

On June 6, 2016, classes for the undergraduate programs officially started. College or undergraduate students have until June 20, 2016 to add, change or remove subjects. This is also set as the last day for accepting late enrollees.

By June 21, all reservations in undergraduate classes will be purged. Students who have not completed the enrolment process on this date, including payment, will be removed from the list of students in the courses where they have previously enlisted or reserved.

Undergraduate students have until August 31, 2016 to drop subjects provided that they did not incur an FA (Failure due to Absences) before the midterm exams.

An FA is incurred when the student has reached the maximum number of hours of absences allowed for the subject or course.

Meanwhile in the Graduate School, classes will start on June 11, 2016. Graduate and post-graduate students are allowed to add, change and remove subjects until June 25, 2016. Official dropping of courses is until September 2, 2016 only.

INSET: Working Together for Deregulated Status and Autonomy


This is how University President Fr. Joselito C. Henson described the future of the University of the Assumption (UA) as he rallied the administrators, teachers and non-teaching personnel to work together for productivity in a spirit of trust.

Fr. Henson made these remarks during the In-Service Training (INSET) on June 2, 2016 on the 5S method in quality management. The 5S rule is currently being implemented in the university. The one-day training was aimed at providing UA employees with proper perspectives on this method.

Mr. Joseph Pineda discussed the 5S rules and the standards used in maintaining well-organized and highly effective workplaces. He explained that 5S, to be effective, must be a way of life. Using the original terms in Japanese, he said that

“seiri (sort), seiton (set in order), seiso (shine), seiketsu (standardize) and shitsuke (sustain) must be observed by the individual within and beyond the work area”.

13343045_10153469066981851_934522304909348107_nJoseph is an alumnus of the School of Arts and Sciences (SAS) and currently the Trade-Industry Development Specialist of the Department of Trade and Industry – Pampanga Provincial Office.

Fr. Josel admitted that the road to achieving the goals for 2018 and 2023 will be rough but he is hoping that everyone in UA is

“ready to make and implement (the goals) in the most effective, most efficient (and) most mutually beneficial way”.

And, as he encouraged the UA family to always strike a balance between family culture and professionalism in doing their work, he advised everyone to

“remain open to God’s interruptions/grace”.

“…If we have succeeded in facing and hurdling bigger challenges in the past, I don’t see any reason why we can’t this time – if only we can harness the same dose of grit, determination, and ‘stick-to-it-tiveness’ that make up the Assumption spirit, he said”


Assumptionists Celebrate Start of Academic Year

In UA, Catholic education is fun. The entire school year is filled with activities that harness the intellectual capability of students and also their capacity to build relationships in a fun-filled environment.

First in the line-up of fun activities is the welcoming program on the first day of the academic year which is highlighted by the entry to the gates of excellence of college freshmen to symbolize their becoming Assumptionists.

For Academic Year 2016-2017, the welcoming program will be held on June 6, 2016.

According to the UA Central Student Council (UACSC), the host of the event, because there are no college freshmen in AY2016-20017, the entry to the gates of excellence will not happen this year. Instead, the students will assemble at the main lobby/façade and take the “A” walk to St. Thomas Aquinas Courtyard (STACy) where the University President will personally welcome them during the program prepared by the UACSC officers.

At the STACy, students can visit the different booths and look for the recognized student organization that will best fit their interests, skills and needs. Entertainment will be provided by the UA Band, UA Dance Troupe, UA Chorale and UA All-Star Pep squad. There will also be food stalls where the UACSC and college based organizations will be serving snacks for free.

Indeed, the welcome program ushers the fun-filled Catholic education offered by the University of the Assumption.


Orientation of Students

The University of the Assumption will hold orientation sessions for students in different levels and their parents to help them assimilate in the Assumption way of life before regular classes begin.

The orientation is designed to introduce students and parents to the academic and community norms and support services. For returning students and upperclassmen, especially in college, the orientation serves to update them on university policies and developments.

Sections and class schedules for students in junior high school and senior high school will be announced on the day of the orientation.

UA Senior High School will have three (3) separate sessions on May 23 and 24, 2016. Students should follow the date and time specified in the Notice of Orientation given to them when they enrolled. Important matters about the DepEd Voucher System will be discussed so that student beneficiaries and their parents will be properly guided.

In the Grade School, orientation of parents is scheduled on May 27 at 8:30AM. Orientation of students per year level is held on the second week after the opening of classes.

On June 1, 2016, the orientation of Grade 7 and Junior High School transferees, together with their parents, will be held at 8:00AM.

For college students, the orientation of grantees is scheduled on May 25, 2016, as follows:

8:00am – athletes
10:00am – student assistants
1:00pm – supervisors of student assistants or their representatives
3:00pm – RE/VE scholars

Meanwhile, members of the performing arts and their parents will have their orientation during their General Assembly on June 4, 2016 from 8:00AM to 11:00AM.

Venue for all the above activities will be the Msgr. Ricardo Serrano Auditorium except for the performing arts orientation which will be held at the Multi-purpose Hall.

Students Showcase Real Life Stories in 11th Mise-En-Scene Filmfest

Real lives on films, capturing actual life situations in short movies, from the struggles of a “unique” student to a documentary about the seemingly incorrect but commonly used Kapampangan words.  With the theme “Elevation of Reality”, the 11th Mise-En-Scene Film Festival tackles true-to-life issues of students in short films.

Mise-En-Scene is an annual event of the School of Arts and Sciences (SAS) and the Mass Communication Students Association (MCSA).  It was conceptualized in 1995.  It has been a vehicle to tap the creativity of students.


On its 11th year, MESFF has 8 competing films in 2 categories.  Two (2) films qualified in the freestyle category and six (6) in the short film category.

The premiere night at SM Pampanga Cinema 6 on March 1 was graced by the presence of families and friends of the students and organizers and the alumni.  On March 2 and 3, students, faculty and employees trooped to the Msgr. Ricardo Serrano Auditorium for the regular screening of the films.  The awarding ceremony was held at Robinsons’ Starmills.

11th-Mise-En-Scene-03LADY MICAH DELOS SANTOS won the BEST PICTURE and BEST DIRECTOR for her short film “SALILUNGAN” which tells the story of an old man who, for the longest time, has been waiting for the love of his life whose name he does not even know.  Every day he returns to the very spot where he saw her, hoping against hope that she will come back.  Despite the serious theme of the film, the audience was kept in awe until the end.  PEPITO DELA CRUZ got the nod of the judges and won the BEST ACTOR for his raw portrayal of the lead role.

The Second Best Picture award went to MARK ANTHONY DECENA for “MULALA”, the story of a young girl who fell in love with a wrong guy.  PATRICIA SADAC who played the role of the broken hearted girl won the BEST ACTRESS award.

ANGELA YUSI’s film “EDA BALU” was the 3rd Best Picture.  It is about a student who was able to hide her true feelings from her friends which resulted into depression.

EDA BALU was chosen as the Best Entry in the freestyle category while SALILUNGAN was the Best Entry in the short film category.

Complete list of winners follows:


  • Best Story – MULALA by Mark Anthony Decena
  • Best in Production Design – SALIKUT by Alendale Basilio
  • Best in Editing – SILIP by Jolina Aquino
  • Best Movie Theme Song – SILIP by Jolina Aquino
  • Best Musical Score – SALILUNGAN by Lady Micah Delos Santos
  • Best Researcher – SALILUNGAN by Lady Micah Delos Santos
  • Best Screenplay – GRADUATES by Trixie Gonzales
  • Best Cinematography – SALILUNGAN by Lady Micah Delos Santos
  • Best Supporting Actor – KING ARA BALAGTAS of IREG by Mico Carlos
  • Best Supporting Actress – CHI REYES of EDA BALU by Angela Yusi
  • Best Actor – PEPITO DELA CRUZ of SALILUNGAN by Lady Micah Delos Santos
  • Best Actress – PATRICIA SADAC of MULALA by Mark Anthony Decena
  • Best Short Film Director – Lady Micah Delos Santos of SALILUNGAN


  • Best Entry for Freestyle – EDA BALU by Angela Yusi
  • 2nd Best Entry – NAN’ KANO? By Lady Micah Delos Santos


  • Best Entry for Short Film – SALILUNGAN by Lady Micah Delos Santos
  • 2nd Best Entry – SILIP by Jolina Aquino
  • 3rd Best Entry – IREG by Mico Carlos


  • Viewers’ Choice Award – SALILUNGAN by Lady Micah Delos Santos
  • Box Office Award – SALILUNGAN by Lady Micah Delos Santos
  • 3rd Best Picture – EDA BALU by Angela Yusi
  • 2nd Best Picture – MULALA by Mark Anthony Decena
  • Best Picture – SALILUNGAN by Lady Micah Delos Santos
  • Brillante Mendoza Award – SALILUNGAN by Lady Micah Delos Santos


  • Best Dressed – SHARA DANE DANAN
  • Face of the Night – ALYSSA JEAN NAVARRO
  • Male Star of the Night – MARK LORENZ LISING
  • Female Star of the Night – SHARINA REGALA

with reports and photos from Jolina K. Aquino, Kissy A. Cortez and Josephine An Faye G. Coronel

UA is Now Accepting Nominations for Alumni Achievement Awards 2016

The University of the Assumption (UA) celebrates her alumni who have contributed significantly to their organizations or communities while upholding the highest standards and values. This gave birth to The Outstanding Alumni of the Assumption Award (TOAAA) in 2011 which was one of the highlights in the 3-year preparation for the celebration of the golden jubilee of the university in 2013.

This year, TOAAA is replaced by the UA Alumni Achievement (UAAA) Award. The change in name is to emphasize that the award is granted by UA to recognize the exceptionally good graduates who put much hard work and courage in accomplishing their dreams usually by successfully overcoming obstacles.

Nomination to UAAA Award is now open. Application forms may be secured from the External Affairs and Media Office (EAMO) or downloaded from http://site2015.ua.edu.ph/alumni/toaa/

Who may nominate?

Any individual or organization may nominate an alumnus or alumna who meets the minimum criteria.

How does one nominate?

  1. An alumnus or alumnae may be nominated to more than one category.
  2. All graduates of the University including those who were nominated in the past may be nominated to one or more categories except former TOAA awardees. The incumbent officers of the UA Alumni Association, Inc. (UAAAI); UA High School Alumni Association, Inc. (UAHSAAI); and UA Grade School Alumni Association (UAGSAA) cannot be nominated during their term of office and within two (2) years from its expiration.
  3. Nominations must be done using the official form which may be secured from the UA External Affairs and Media Office (EAMO) or downloaded from http://site2015.ua.edu.ph/alumni/toaa/
  4. The following must be submitted together with the fully accomplished nomination form:
    • a. Resume or curriculum vitae of the nominee
    • b. 5R colored picture of the nominee from waist to head.
    • c. If available, the following supporting documents which should not be more than 10 pages:
      • i. Photocopies of the awards and public recognition received by the nominee related to the category he or she is being nominated and the criteria stated above.
      • ii. Media reports in print or video format and pictures as proof of the activities of the nominee.
  5. Nominations may be submitted personally or via courier to the following:
    The 2016 UA Alumni Achievement Awards
    External Affairs and Media Office
    Alumni Center
    University of the Assumption
    Unisite Subdivision, Del Pilar, City of San Fernando, 2001 Pampanga
  6. All nominations must be received by the External Affairs and Media Office on or before AUGUST 31, 2016.

A nominee may receive only one award. There may be several awardees in one category except for the Young Achiever Award. On the other hand, some categories may have no awardee in a year if there are no qualified nominees.

For related information and downloadable form, please visit http://site2015.ua.edu.ph/alumni/toaa/

UA to Host NCCA’s Traveling Design Exhibit

The UA College of Engineering and Architecture will host the Luzon leg of the “LOOB AT LABAS: TALAKAYAN AT PAGPAPARANGYA”, a travelling exhibit that highlight projects and initiatives that show how architecture and the arts can be made accessible to the different sectors of the society.

The exhibit is a project of the National Committee of Architecture and Allied Arts (NCAAA) of the National Council for Culture and Arts (NCCA). It will feature LAMAN AT LOOB which is about upcycling or the transformation of waste materials into functional and useful products by the Council of Interior Design Educators (CIDE); LUNTIANG POOK which focuses on the conversion of certain barangays into “healthy places” through community landscaping by Philippine Association of Landscape Architects (PALA) and BALAY BALAY TA by Swito Designs which aims to create an educational toy that would engage children in learning and appreciating Filipino architecture.

“Loob at Labas” is produced and curated by ARKICAMP Heritage Fil-Asia, Inc. with Architect Ed Castro, a professor at UA CEA, as project head.

A forum will be held at the College Audio Visual Room (AVR) after the formal opening of the exhibit on January 22 at 12:30PM. “Loob at Labas” will be open for public viewing from January 22 to 27 at the UA College Library.

The first leg of the exhibit was held in UE Caloocan on June 12-16. From UA, it will be going to University of San Carlos in Cebu City on February 9 to 13 and finally at the Mindanao University of Science and Technology in Cagayan De Oro on February 16 to 20.

Everyone is invited to see this one-of-a-kind design exhibit.

New Year 2016 Message

To all UA administrators, faculty, support staff, students and alumni:


Possibility and hope lie at the heart of welcoming the New Year. As we look at the past and give thanks, we look to the future and gather our hopes: for more service-oriented governance, thriving economy, improved social conditions, deeper ecological awareness, healthier lifestyle, a better and more dynamic UA.

The foundation of all our hopes? A God who is Emmanuel (God-with-us). A God who will always be faithful, even though we have been unfaithful. We believe that the God who had been with us throughout the past year will be the same faithful God who will carry us through the coming year.

And so, it is with confident assurance that we welcome 2016 with all its “fresh challenge, virgin promise, rude discovery and confirming triumphs.” Let us continue to “open our hearts to life’s new hurdles and simmering victories. Life is waiting for our gift” (Joan Chittister).

Here’s to another year of nurturing our Scientia, Virtus, Communitas. Hail Assumption!