UAJHS Celebrates Sports

University of the Assumption Junior High School (UAJHS) celebrated Intramurals with various activities and athletic competitions on September 21-23, 2016.

A total of 28 sections from grades seven to ten participated during the 3-day event with the theme “UAJHS: Empowered Champions throughout Seasons of Greatness.”

UAJHS department gathers for the opening of intramurals. Teams are classified into four: Red Sphinx, Yellow Tigers, Blue Falcons and Green Griffins.

UAJHS department gathers for the opening of intramurals. Teams are classified into four: Red Sphinx, Yellow Tigers, Blue Falcons and Green Griffins.

“For our themes during our intramurals, we always want to bring about in our students what it takes to be an empowered champion…(This year), it is ‘seasons of greatness’ because we want to go global,” explained Ms. Edita Sagmit, UAJHS Principal.

She also said that one of the aims of the activity is to nurture the bodily kinesthetic intelligences of the students while developing also holistic values such as teamwork, unity, accountability and obedience.

Girls’ volleyball game between Grade 9 Blue Falcons and Grade 7 Green Griffins at the covered court

Girls’ volleyball game between Grade 9 Blue Falcons and Grade 7 Green Griffins at the covered court

Cultural presentation was performed on the opening day. Four participating groups competed in interpreting the seasons– winter, spring, summer, and autumn – through dance.Meanwhile, the annual basketball exhibition game between the Pampanga Clergy and the Parents-Teachers Council Association of Assumption Inc. opened the ball games. There were also events in athletics and various indoor games.

Grade 7 emerged as champions in the cultural presentation. They performed a dance interpretation about the season of autumn.

Grade 7 emerged as champions in the cultural presentation. They performed a dance interpretation about the season of autumn.


The basketball match between Members of the Pampanga Clergy and PTCAAI was among the anticipated ball games during the Intramurals.

The basketball match between Members of the Pampanga Clergy and PTCAAI was among the anticipated ball games during the Intramurals.

In the end, Grade 10 Red Sphinx emerged as the overall champion and the Grade 8 Yellow Tigers finishing on the second place. Grade 9 Blue Falcons and Grade 7 Green Griffins landed on the third and fourth places, respectively.

(Please click here for the complete list of winners.)

Another event that the department prides about is the launching of the rearticulated UA Graduate Attributes which was led by Fr. Joselito Henson, University president. The lighting of the ceremonial light was made more meaningful with the addition of three torches representing the three values espoused by the University: Biasa (Sciencia), Maganaca (Virtus) and Mayap (Comunitas). These torches were held by three of the outstanding junior high school students namely Lorenz Cabuling, Ellard de Jesus and Harriet Domingo.

New UA Graduate Attributes formally launched by University President Father Joselito Henson; Vice-President for Administration, Father Victor Nicdao ; Vice-President for Academic Affairs, Dr. Mediatriz Martin; Vice-President for Finance, Ms, Belina Katigbak; Ms. Edita Sagmit, UAJHS Principal and members of the UAJHS faculty.

New UA Graduate Attributes formally launched by University President Father Joselito Henson; Vice-President for Administration, Father Victor Nicdao ; Vice-President for Academic Affairs, Dr. Mediatriz Martin; Vice-President for Finance, Ms, Belina Katigbak; Ms. Edita Sagmit, UAJHS Principal and members of the UAJHS faculty.


(from right to left) Lorenz Cabuling, Harriet Domingo and Ellard de Jesus hold the flamed torches signifying the, Biasa, Mayap, Maganaca attributes.

(from right to left) Lorenz Cabuling, Harriet Domingo and Ellard de Jesus hold the flamed torches signifying the, Biasa, Mayap, Maganaca attributes.

Mrs. Analyn Manalo, the over-all chairperson of the Intramurals together with Mr. Ulysses Rengel, the assistant chairperson and sports coordinator, described the event as a success owing to the active participation of all junior high school students, faculty and non-teaching personnel.

UASHS Remembers a Kapampangan Hero

The Grade 11 St. Joseph Benedict Cottolengo class paid tribute to Tiburcio Hilario in celebration of the hero’s 163rd birth anniversary through an exhibition of his significant achievements and important events in his life.

It was spearheaded by political science students under Mr. Cris Balingit who are enrolled in Humanities and Social Science (HUMSS) and General Academic (GA) strands in the UA Senior High School.

Tiburcio Hilario was born on August 11, 1853 in San Juan, San Fernando, Pampanga. He was imprisoned by the Spaniards and exiled in Siasi, Jolo because of his association with Dr. Jose Rizal.

He was elected military governor of Pampanga by the town presidents “at a time when Filipinos were hardly given the opportunity to have a voice in the government”. He stood out as the brain of the revolutionary movement in Pampanga. “He implanted the seeds of liberalism in Pampanga preserving, even in times of war, the human rights of the Filipino people.“ He is also known in history as the one who delivered the “emprestitos” or war loan amounting to one million silver pesos to General Antonio Luna to convince the Americans that the Filipinos are determined to achieve their independence.

tiburcio 4

In 1903, he became very ill due to scarlet fever and died on February 18, 1903. His funeral was a fitting tribute to a man whose life was spent to service during the most trying times in Philippine history. The people who brought his remains to its final resting place were composed of the most privileged in Pampanga and the poor, but mostly of the latter, whom he had helped while serving the country.

The exhibit hoped to imbibe in the students of senior high school the value of love of country and dedicated concern for the common masses, also known today as those in the periphery.

*with report from UASHS

#ResearchGoals for UASHS

University of the Assumption Senior High School (UASHS) curriculum is geared towards the holistic development of students through its diversified and integrative subjects.

One of these is Practical Research 1 which is a course in the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) strand. It aims to develop higher-order thinking skills which include critical thinking, reasoning and communication.

For the first quarter of the current semester, grade 11 students under STEM learned the basics of research: its nature, kinds and process. For their culminating activity for the first quarter of the current school year, students defended their thesis title before a panel of research specialists including the principal Dr. Violy Santos.

The students are being assisted by their teachers who are research specialists namely Mr. Jomari Pangilinan; Ma. Victoria D. Cunanan, R.Ph., MAED; and Ms. Menchu Lozano, DMD, MACD, PhD.

– by Mr. Jomari Pangilinan

UAJHS Celebrates Advocacy Day

University of the Assumption Junior High School (UAJHS) celebrated the much anticipated Advocacy Day on July 22, 2016. The annual celebration aims to promote the different causes being advocated by UAJHS and strengthen their impact among the students.

advocacy 2016 22

The seven (7) advocacies are UAJHS for L.I.F.E. (which stands for Leadership and Volunteerism, Intellect, Faith and Environment ), I Speak English, Alang Plastikan, UA Graduate Attributes, Foul Language Free, 12 Little Things Every Assumptionist Can Do for UA and Cheat-Free. The objective of these advocacies is to strengthen the formation of junior high school students into globally competent, morally upright and socially responsible 21st century learners outside the confines of the classroom.

advocacy 2016 26

Highlight of the celebration was the Advocacy Fair which featured different booths organized by the recognized student clubs and organizations. The booths showcased the application of each advocacy through games. Prizes and freebies were given to those who participated in the different games. The following were adjudged winners:

Best Advocacy Booth
FIRST PLACE – Cheat Free
SECOND PLACE – 12 Little Things
THIRD PLACE – Alang Plastic-kan

Best Advocacy Game
FIRST PLACE – 12 Little Things
SECOND PLACE – I Speak English
THIRD PLACE – Cheat Free

advocacy 2016 27

Judges were Institute of Theology and Religious Studies (ITRS) Director Rev. Fr. Oliver Yalung; Campus Ministry Director Sr. Marissa Figuerroa, OP; College of Computing Sciences and Information Technology (CCSIT) Dean Mr. Joey Suba; Secretary to the Vice President for Academic Affairs Mrs. Cristina Basilio; and Parents and Teacher Council Association, Inc (PTCAI) President Mrs. Shirley Babera.

advocacy 2016 1

Students from the top partner grade schools were present to witness the celebration and have a glimpse of life in UAJHS. They gamely participated in the games and mingled with the junior high school students. It was a day of fun and learning with UA Junior High School students sharing their talents with the grade school students.

– Reported by Ms. Maricel Layson

Senior High Student-Officers Attend Leadership Seminar and Planning Workshop

The newly elected officers of the University of the Assumption Senior High School Student Council attended a leadership seminar and planning workshop on July 16, 2016.

The seminar-workshop was designed with two (2) goals as guide:

  1. To equip the student leaders with the right knowledge, attitude and skills; and
  2. To draw up activities for the current school year which are aligned to the vision, mission, strategic goals and quality policy of the university.

UASHS Principal Dr. Violy Fernanda Y. Santos facilitated the seminar-workshop together with the adviser of the council Ms. Angeles C. Yumul.

senior high school leaderhip seminar 2016 3

The UASHS Student Council officers are:

President – Clarisse Vital

Vice President – Karl John Salac

Secretary – Paula Ricaestela Bautista

Treasurer – Clarise Gabarda

Auditor – Coline Carriedo

Business Manager – Vince Ivan Paul Gambao

PIO Internal – Diana Jean Mallari

PIO External – Arnel Mananghaya

According to Dr. Santos, the UASHS student council is “a powerhouse of leaders with bright ideas”. “Among their priorities are greening the senior high school grounds and active encouraging their fellow students to be actively involved in co-curricular activities and sports development,” she said.

Grade 11 Students Celebrate Feast of St. Camillus de Lellis

Grade 11 students enrolled under the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) track celebrate the feast of St. Camillus de Lellis on July 14.

St. Camillus de Lellis is the patron saint of the sick, nurses and nursing groups. He founded the Ministers of the Infirm, popularly known as the Camellians, whose members are dedicated to the care of the sick. He died on July 14, 1614. He was beatified in 1742 and canonized in 1746.


Naming one section of the STEM classes under the patronage St. Camillus de Lellis is in accordance with Catholic tradition of invoking the intercession of the holy men and women.

The celebration aimed at promoting the devotion to the saint especially among the students who intend to pursue a degree in nursing and medicine or any of the allied medical programs. It was also designed to give the students to have a break from the challenging STEM curriculum and promote the five (5) Cs of education in the 21st century – creativity, collaboration, communication, critical thinking and cooperation – outside the confines of the classroom.

camillus 3

The class had a nine (9) day novena in preparation for the feast of St. Camillus. On his feast day, a Holy Mass was held at the University Chapel with Fr. Israel Garcia as main celebrant. The festivity was capped with a shared lunch, boodle fight style, at the senior high school dining area.

UASHS List of Academic Scholars and ASF Grantees for AY 2016-2017

The University of the Assumption Senior High School (UASHS) has released the list of academic scholars and ASF grantees among its Grade 11 enrolees for academic year 2016-2017.

The list is comprised of 33 academic scholars and 64 ASF grantees.

Academic Scholarship is given to those who finished Grade 10 at the top of their class from any public and private junior high school.

UASHS academic scholars for AY2016-2017.

UASHS academic scholars for AY2016-2017.

It is in fulfillment of the mandate of the University of the Assumption to provide quality education to qualified but financially challenged students and in recognition of the outstanding academic performance in Junior High School of incoming Grade 11 students.


Grade 10 finishers who ranked first in their class are awarded 100% discount on tuition, miscellaneous and other fees and a book allowance of P5,000 per year. The discount is given to them in cash if they are beneficiaries of the DepEd voucher.

Top 1 Academic Scholars

Top 1 Academic Scholars

The 16 academic scholars are as follows:

  1. Albez, Rickson C. – Christ In You Faith Christian Academy
  2. Amparo, Rhoel Reyner P. – St. Lucy School
  3. Antonio, Rose Therese – University of the Assumption
  4. Arcega, Shania Leen G. – Masantol High School
  5. Cordero, Jessie Lyn C. – Children of Fatima School of Sto. Tomas, Inc
  6. Devero, Maria Leissa L. – St. Vincent Academy of Apalit, Pampanga, Inc
  7. Due, Alessia Mae G. – Arayat Holy Child Educational Foundation, Inc
  8. Manalo, Oscar S. – San Carlos San Luis National High School
  9. Mananghaya Jr, Arnel M. – Pampanga High School
  10. Mariano, Freen B. – Candating High School
  11. Martin, Albert M. – Arayat Institute
  12. Mercado, Jenica C. – Mexico National High School
  13. Montalan, Cathleen – Infant Jesus Learning Center for Academic Studies, Inc
  14. Sunglao, Michael Lousie – Immaculate Conception Academy
  15. Tandang, Michaela F. – San Matias National High School
  16. Tongol, Kyle Cleoffer G. – Infant Jesus Academy


UASHS grants 75% discount on tuition, miscellaneous and other fees to those who ranked 2 nd in grade 10.

TOP 2.2

Top 2 Academic Scholars

Shown below are the names of the 11 top 2 academic scholars and the junior high schools where they came from:

  1. Amurao, Nicole C. – Diosdado Macapagal High School
  2. Banag, Xena Sophia T. – Sta. Cruz Academy
  3. Delos Santos, Grant Phill S. – San Carlos San Luis National High School
  4. Eligio, Cedrix Joshua – Exee Center for Arts School, Inc.
  5. Gamboa, Vince Ivan Paul D. – Arayat Holy Child Educational Foundation, Inc
  6. Ingal, Kimberly T. – Our Lady of Guadalupe School
  7. Lago, Lois Ann G. – St. Vincent Academy of Apalit, Pampanga, Inc
  8. Ramin, Anshrina Mei T. – University of the Assumption
  9. Sagum, Christine Joy O. – Adelle Grace Montessori School, Inc.
  10. Salac, Karl John – Camba High School
  11. Villalon, Hannah S. – Jesus is Lord Christian School Foundation


Grade 10 finishers of UAJHS who ranked 3 rd to 10 th place in their batch are entitled to 50% discount on all fees.

TOP 3 TO 10 C

UAGS Grade 10 finishers who ranked 3 to 10.

All 8 students are currently enrolled in the UASHS in the current academic year. Six (6) of them availed of the scholarship:

  1. Abagat, Gianne Pearl B.
  2. Elbo, Andrei John C.
  3. Fajardo, Piolo Gabriel Q.
  4. Jaochico, Joshua B.
  5. Manuel, Lianne Audrey L.
  6. Nogoy, Rodrigo John P.

The other two (2), Evaristo, Ma. Cyrilla Therese and Maglaque, Dina Marie P., are children of UA employees. They availed of the educational benefit for dependents of their parents.


The ASF GRANTEES are granted a 100% or 50% discount on all fees after deducting the DepEd voucher based on their financial status, intellectual ability and proven consistent academic performance.

ASF 5The grantees for academic year 2016-2017 are as follows:


  1. Antonio, Andrea Beatrice S.
  2. Bondoc, Lawrence L.
  3. Bonus, Sheena Mirela G.
  4. Bonus, Patricia Mariel D.
  5. Buenaobra, Vince Paul
  6. Cabrera, Meg
  7. Changcoco, Shainna Mae
  8. David, Ysabel Gail
  9. David, Precious Ivane Q.
  10. De Ramos, Aliah Ricah V.
  11. Due, Alliah M.
  12. Flores, Gie Ann Nicole
  13. Gutierrez, Innah Dominique Y.
  14. Mallari, Jeremy D.
  15. Malonzo, Nicole Kate A.
  16. Manio, Jaime Nicole A.
  17. Marcial, Ma. Rizel R.
  18. Medina, Ericka Mae Y.
  19. Mercado, Jenica C.
  20. Navarro, Aila C.
  21. Pacheco, Francia Christine C.
  22. Pagibitan, Ricca Vee R.
  23. Pahimnayan, Joyce R.
  24. Quiambao, Rameses S.
  25. Quiambao, Krizia Mae C.
  26. Quiambao, Jazzmine Nicole E.
  27. Quitalig, Carl Nino V.
  28. Regala, Christian Jaron Z.
  29. Rosal, Rialyn M.
  30. Salvador, Krianne Jhoye R.
  31. Sison, Neil Mark D.
  32. Soriano, Eriel Justin R.
  33. Supnet, Kasper Jane N.
  34. Tayag, Alliah M.
  35. Tayag, Francina Elaine G.
  36. Teodoro, Eugene Love M.
  37. Tiongson, Andrea C.
  38. Tuazon, Bea Maren T.
  39. Tumang, Mary Joyce G.
  40. Vergara, Trina Elice J.
  41. Villanueva, Edrian P.
  42. Vital, Clarisse Joy D.


  1. Agustin, Dustin Lawrence A.
  2. Albez, Rickson C.
  3. Asuncion, James Randolf R.
  4. Bondoc, Miguel Antonio S.
  5. Cordero, Jessielyn C.
  6. Dalay, Jovy G.
  7. David, Ana Paulyn M.
  8. De Chavez, Paulo James M.
  9. Dichoso, Angielou T.
  10. Duenas, Ludwig Flea Domingo B.
  11. Garcia, Christian Lloyd D.
  12. Guarin, Arnon B.
  13. Hong, Jose Angelo G.
  14. Manlapaz, Arminz C.
  15. Manlutac, Jinelle S.
  16. Mesina, Jan Carlo R.
  17. Morales, Abraham D.
  18. Ocampo, Hershey Rose M.
  19. Pangan, Mark John Paul G.
  20. Reyes, Ryann N.
  21. Reyes, Franz Edwincher V.
  22. Santos, Benjo Z.
  23. Tiongco, Paolo Adriel G.
  24. Viray, Bernadine Y.
  25. Velasquez, Allen Charles D.

For more information about the Scholarship and Grants Program of the UASHS, please click here.

UAGS Holds Annual Club Membership Day

June 10, 2016 was a special day for the UA Grade School pupils. It was their annual Club Membership Day which was an opportunity for them to choose the club they wish to join, depending on their interests and the skills they want to develop.

Club membership is encouraged in UAGS to enrich early childhood curriculum through creative experiences. Activities offered by clubs enable members to learn valuable skills and help them to elaborate on the more formal knowledge learned in classrooms.

The leadership roles that the pupils assume in clubs provide a valuable experience that is not generally available to young people. Other roles enable them to explore their identity and competencies in a more casual environment.

In a study conducted by Jacquelynne Eccles and Bonnie Barber they have proven that club activities appeared to contribute to increase in the grade point averages of students.

The clubs and the moderators were introduced to the pupils during the clubbing orientation session held on June 9 at the UAGS Audio Visual Room.

There are clubs for pupils who are interested in the arts (drawing, dancing, acting, writing, and singing), cooking, sports, books, health, computers and nature.

According to Mrs. Ruth Intal, the UAGS Student Activity Coordinator, the objectives of the Club Membership Day were achieved. “The enthusiasm and interest of the pupils contributed a lot to the success of the event,” she said. She also extends her gratitude to the Club Moderators for warmly welcoming the pupils into their organizations.

Regular meetings of the organizations dubbed as “Clubbing Day” will be held every 2nd and 4th Fridays of the month.

– with report from Mr. John Denver A. Desolo


PAASCU Grants UAGS and UAJHS Level II Re-Accreditation

The University of the Assumption Grade School (UAGS) and Junior High School (UAJHS) were recently granted Level II re-accredited status for five (5) years by the Philippine Accrediting Association of Schools, Colleges and Universities (PAASCU).

DSC_0163Level II Accreditation grants the UAGS and UAJHS “Full curricular autonomy, i.e. authority to modify the curriculum without DepED approval provided that the minimum requirements and guidelines are complied with and the modified curriculum is an enriched version of the 2002 Basic Education Curriculum and is submitted to DepED Regional Offices” and “Priority in the awards of grants/subsidies from DepED for student scholarships, e.g. the Educational Contracting Scheme, scholarships for faculty development and funding assistance for other development programs”
(DepEd Order No.. 32, s., 2006).

The accreditation is an acknowledgement of the high standard of instruction and well-developed mechanism for upgrading and making the curriculum relevant in the University of the Assumption basic education program. It is also a confirmation of the effectiveness of teaching and the excellent performance of students in curricular and extra-curricular activities, including their involvement in the community outreach program.

Meanwhile, the Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Management and Master of Arts in Education programs were also recently granted eligibility to apply for a formal survey which will lead to accredited status.

Other programs which are currently PAASCU level II re-accredited are Business Administration, Communication, Elementary Education, Secondary Education, Nursing and Psychology.

With this accreditation, the University of the Assumption gears toward more improvements in its academic programs.

Re-Opening of Application for Senior High School Voucher Program

The Department of Education announced today on their website the reopening of application for the Senior High School (SHS) Voucher Program on April 22, 2016 for incoming Grade 11 students from private junior high schools which are not Education Service Contracting (ESC) grantees.

The SHS Voucher Program provides subsidy to students who would like to pursue SHS education in private schools. Grade 10 completers from public junior high schools and private schools who are ESC grantees are automatic qualifiers.

According to DepEd,

“all applications must be done strictly online by accessing the online voucher portal (OVAP) of the Private Education Assistance Committee (PEAC) at”.

Applications will be accepted from April 22 to May6, 2016 only and the results will be announced on or before May 20, 2016. The deadline for application is non-extendable.

For your concerns and queries regarding the ESC and SHS Voucher programs, please email or call the DepEd Action Center at (02) 636-1663 or (02) 633-1942.