• UA Bookstore

    UA Bookstore

    The UA Bookstore is located at the left wing of the Archbishop Emilio Cinense Gymnasium, beside the Food Court. It offers a variety of educational materials, covering an assortment of school supplies, PE uniforms and textbooks for students in the grade school, high school and college departments. The UA Bookstore works in close coordination with the college deans, principals and UA Business Manager in providing quality books and learning materials to its clientele.

  • UA Chapel

    UA Chapel

    The UA Chapel is located at the ground floor of the Bishop Guerrero Building. It is the home of various religious activities such as daily masses, reception of sacraments, novenas/ devotions to the Blessed Mother and to the Blessed Sacrament. The chapel is open to all members of the UA community.

  • Multimedia Classrooms

    Multimedia Classrooms

    Classrooms at the University are fully air-conditioned and are equipped with multimedia projectors and sound system. The use of DLP projectors plus access to Wi-Mesh makes educational experience interactive and meaningful for both students and teachers.

  • CISCO Networking Academy Program

    CISCO Networking Academy Program

    The University offers the Cisco Networking Academy Program designed to teach students on how to design, build and maintain computer networks for local, national and global business. It is an innovative education initiative that delivers information and communication technology skills to improve career and economic opportunities around the world. To implement the program, the University has two (2) wireless computer rooms with Internet access, one (1) practice room with six (6) Cisco routers and three (3) Cisco switches, and one (1) assembly room.

  • Domus Mariae International Center

    Domus Mariae International Center

    The Domus Mariae (House of Mary) International Center, named after the Blessed Virgin Mary, is a multi-purpose convention center intended for conventions, seminars and trainings of HRM and Tourism students. It has a presidential suite, family room, double room, single rooms, dormitory, a conference room and a coffee shop. Reservations are coordinated through the Vice President for Administration Office and the Business Management Office.

  • Food Services

    Food Services

    The Food Services provide healthy school meals to students at the University of the Assumption. The newly established Food Court is located at the left wing of the Archbishop Emilio Cinense Gym. This is open during school days and offers a wide array of nutritious and affordable food and drinks to students, teachers, employees and administrators.

  • UA Travel Center

    UA Travel Center

    The UA Travel Center is the official Travel Agency of the University of the Assumption. This center aims to provide assistance to the travel needs of students and employees of the University. The center also functions as a learning and training ground and simulation venue for Tourism students. The UA Travel Office is located in front of the entrance of the Archbishop Emilio Cinense Gym adjacent to the HRM rooms of the University.

    The Travel Center is equipped with Computer Reservation System which serves as the central distribution system of tourism services. It has a receiving area complete with travel magazines, journals, flyers, brochures and other travel related literature which may be used as references in traveling.

  • Gymnasium and Sports Facilities

    Gymnasium and Sports Facilities

    The school gymnasium, named after the founder of the University, Archbishop. Emilio A. Cinense is located adjacent to the Archbishop Oscar Cruz Building. It houses the basketball, badminton and volleyball courts, fitness center and the Office of the Sports In-Charge. The gymnasium hosts special and big events of the University such as foundation day, graduation rites, intramurals and the like. Its bleachers can accommodate 3,000 people.

  • Information Services

    Information Services

    The Office of the President, VP for Administration, VP for Academic Affairs, VP for Finance and Deans, Principals, and Heads of Officers have bulletin boards where announcements are periodically posted for teachers and students. Centralized bulletin boards for Recognized Student Organizations located at the façade, entry and exit points of the main gate are also used for posting memos, circulars and general information for the UA community. Information dissemination may also be done through the website.

  • Laboratory Rooms and Equipment

    Laboratory Rooms and Equipment

    The University has the following laboratories:

    • Chemistry, Biology, Physics and Psychology Laboratories located at the Archbishop Cruz Building
    • Robotics Laboratory at the second floor of the Archbishop Cruz Building
    • Anatomy and Physiology laboratories located at the Ground Floor of Rev. Jesus Galang Building
    • Nursing Arts Laboratory housed at the left wing second floor of the Ryan hall
    • HRM hotel laboratory located at the first floor of the Domus Mariae International Center
    • Cucina di Maria, one of the food laboratories for HRM students located at the back part of the Archbishop Emilio Cinense Gymnasium, near the tennis court
    • Computer Laboratories located at the Cruz and Puno Buildings
    • Industrial engineering laboratory located at C201
    • Speech Laboratory located at the second floor of the Bishop Jesus Galang Building. This is a special room designed for students enrolled in Effective Oral Communication (English 3). It is equipped with an audio- lingual machine which intends to help the teacher monitor the progress of students in speech production, pronunciation and enunciation.
  • Multi-Purpose Hall

    Multi-Purpose Hall

    The air-conditioned Multi-Purpose Hall is located at the second floor of the Archbishop Emilio A. Cinense gymnasium. It is designed for academic exchanges, meetings, fora, performing arts and other related activities. Faculty members and personnel are encouraged to avail of said facilities to enhance instructional and learning processes as well as effective dialogues. Recognized student organizations are likewise invited to avail of this facility under the permission of their advisers. It can accommodate 300 persons. Reservations for the Multi-Purpose Hall are made upon the approval of the Vice President for Administration.

  • Museum


    The Archbishop Oscar V. Cruz Museum is housed at the second and third floors of the Bishop Guerrero Building. Religious and historical artifacts/ documents, archives are displayed in the museum for educational purposes. Faculty members who wish to bring their students to the museum are encouraged to arrange schedule with the Archdiocesan Museum Curator or the Office of the University President.

  • Photo Laboratory

    Photo Laboratory

    The Photo Laboratory is located at the second floor of the Ryan Building. It provides photography services to students (e.g. ID, class picture, graduation picture, etc.) and other members of the UA community. It also serves as a learning venue for Architecture students. Faculty members who wish to avail of the services for the documentation of school activities are encouraged to coordinate with the University photographer.

  • Printing Services

    Printing Services

    The Printing Room is located at the ground floor of the former Grade School Canteen. It caters to the printing needs of the school such as reproduction of test papers, stationeries and other materials. Faculty members who wish to avail of these services may secure a reproduction form from the Business Management Office. The form should be signed by the respective dean, approved by the Budget Officer and submitted to the Business Management Office for action.

  • Radio and TV Studios

    Radio and TV Studios

    The Radio and TV studios are located at the second floor of the Archbishop Galang Building. The Radio Studio is a venue for all radio production activities of the Mass Communication students. It is designed to meet the requirements for good acoustics. It has two booths, the spinner’s and the talent’s booths with complete radio equipment (i.e. microphones, control boards, speakers, headphones and disc players).

    The TV studio on the other hand is a venue for shooting documentary films. It also has complete radio equipment with spotlights, and other audio-video equipment. It is divided into director’s booth and TV studio.

  • Social Hall

    Social Hall

    The Social Hall, a fully air-conditioned room with a seating capacity of 100 persons is located at the second floor of the Sr. Ryan Annex. It is a venue for seminars and conferences of administrators, faculty and students.

  • Swimming Pool

    Swimming Pool

    The Swimming Pool is situated at the back part of the Domus Mariae Hotel. It serves as a learning venue for students who are enrolled in swimming classes. Furthermore, it serves as a setting for special occasions and social gathering.

  • Transportation Services

    Transportation Services

    The Transportation Office is located at the ground floor of Msgr. Pedro Puno Annex. The University provides transportation services for official functions. A travel clearance has to be filled out at the Office of the Transportation Coordinator for scheduled trips. The VP for Administration approves the reservation for transportation vehicles.

  • UA Alumni Center

    UA Alumni Center

    The UA Alumni Center has its own building located at the left wing of the University, near the vehicle entrance of the first gate. It serves as the linkage between the University and the Alumni Association Incorporation (UAAAI). It continuously promotes the welfare of its members not only in terms of scholarships, but also through programs like job placements, socio-civic, spiritual projects and alumni homecomings.

  • Music Room

    Music Room

    The University has two (2) music rooms located at the side stage room of the Archbishop Emilio Cinense Gymnasium and the ground floor of Ryan Building. It houses the musical instruments being used by the College of Education students enrolled in Music courses. It also serves as the rehearsal room for the President’s Choir and College of Education Choir.

  • Auditorium


    The UA Auditorium is located at the fourth floor of the Domus Mariae. It is a fully air-conditioned venue designed with good lighting and acoustical treatment with a 540 tiered-seating capacity.

  • UACSC and Recognized Student Organization (RSO) Offices

    UACSC and Recognized Student Organization (RSO) Offices

    The UA Central Student Council Office is located at the second floor of the Archbishop Aniceto Building. The officers meet at the assigned workplace regularly for planning/organizing and evaluation of student activities. This office has also a computer room for the use of all recognized student organizations.

    The RSO offices are also located at the second floor of the Archbishop Paciano Aniceto Building. Each organization has a cubicle where records and office materials are kept. There is also a conference room located at the Ground Floor of the Sr. Ryan Annex where special meetings of the various organizations are held. The designated spaces are venues for meetings and discussions relative to the smooth operation of the RSOs.



    The University has specifically designated areas where students and employees can access Internet via Wi-Mesh. Specific areas where Internet can be accessed via Wi-Mesh include the following:

    • Study Shed
    • Student Centers
    • RSO Offices
    • Second Floor Ryan Building Offices
  • Student Publications

    Student Publications

    Press freedom is adhered to through Student Publications. Student-writers and readers experience God-given freedom without violating the rights of others. Student publications in the University include Regina (official college student publication); Equitas (Arts and Sciences); Nightingale (Nursing); Kalesa: (Tourism); Flambé(HotelandRestaurantManagement);TheMentors(Education); Statement (Accountancy); and, the Gear (Business Administration).

  • Oratory


    Is a place where individuals or small groups could find a quiet place to pray and reflect before the Eucharistic presence of the Lord. Located at the back of the UA Chapel.

    It is open Monday to Friday from 6 AM – 5 PM only.

    Reminders when visiting the Oratory

    1. Please remove your shoes and slippers before you enter.
    2. Please do not bring any food or drink into the Oratory. Eating inside the chapel is strictly prohibited.
    3. Turn off all cell phones and electronic devices before entering the Oratory so that you don’t disturb anybody praying in the Chapel.
    4. Kneel down as you enter to show Jesus the reverence he deserves. Keep in mind that you have entered into the Real Presence, the presence of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
    5. Refrain from talking while in the Oratory. Use your time for prayer and silent reflection. This is your opportunity to spend time with Jesus. Use it wisely.
    6. You may choose to kneel or to sit during your visit. Feel comfortable and have an intimate conversation with God.
    7. Bring your Bible and other spiritual reading material to the Oratory. You don’t necessarily have to spend your entire time in the Chapel praying. Reading a Bible is perfectly acceptable behavior while in the Oratory.
    8. When you are about to exit the oratory, kneel once again in the direction of the Blessed Sacrament.