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  • Deadline for Nomination: August 31, 2016

    UAAA Awards 2016 Nomination Form

    The Program:

    The UA Alumni Achievement (UAAA) Awards is given to graduates of the University of the Assumption who have contributed significantly to their organizations or communities while upholding the highest standards and values in everything they do.

    UAAA Awards replaces The Outstanding Alumni of the Assumption Awards (TOAAA) which was given on February 5, 2011 and January 24, 2015. The change in name is to emphasize that what is being recognized is not only the exceptionally good but the alumni who put much hard work and courage in accomplishing something which usually require successfully overcoming obstacles.

    Recipients should adhere to standards of moral and ethical conduct and recognized by their professional peers for their contributions in their professions or chosen careers. They should be actively involved in human endeavours that contribute to the improvement of the lives of other people. They are expected to share their knowledge, expertise, insight and resources to the Assumption community through formal and informal interactions based on the requirements of the colleges and schools as identified by the ExeCom and the deans.


    1. To identify and recognize alumni who excel in their chosen field and contribute to the betterment of their community and the society, as a whole, as they continue to adhere to the values the University of the Assumption stands for.
    2. To stimulate greater involvement and support to the University among the alumni.
    3. To inspire the student-Assumptionists to aspire for spiritual enrichment, professionalgrowth and outstanding service to humankind.

    General Criteria:

    The general criteria are the basic qualifications that the Search and Screening Committee and the Board of Judges will look for from the nominees. These are as follows:

    1. PERSONAL INTEGRITY. Consistent faithfulness to the universal values of love and piety and moral and ethical standards. There should be no serious concern or issue about the personal integrity of the nominee.
    2. EXCELLENCE. Prominence of excellence and achievement in their respective profession or field of endeavour. The achievement of the nominee must be attributed more to him/her than to his organization, work or office.
    3. SERVICE. Innovative and effective approaches in serving others. The nominee’s achievements should have substantial effect to other people, groups or society, at large and not merely private or personal interests, both qualitatively (sustainability and transformative impact) and quantitatively (expanse of the benefit and number of people affected).


    1. APOSTLESHIP AWARD. This award is given to clergy, religious men and women, and lay missionaries who have dedicated their lives to God and the Church and who work unselfishly and extra-ordinarily for the good of others. It is given not only to recognise the accomplishments of the awardees in accordance with the criteria set above but to inspire other Assumptionists to the highest vocation in life which is the call to serve God and the Church.
    2. CATHOLIC FAMILY AWARD. This special recognition will be given to families who have three or more successive generations of UA alumni, i.e. grandparent(s), parent(s), child(ren), and/or grandchild(ren), meets the general criteria and any of the following:
      • The family involvement in the apostolate had a transformative effect on the lives of others, especially to the poor; or
      • One of the alumni in the successive generation is an ordained priest or religious or a lay missionary.
    3. PROFESSIONAL ACHIEVEMENT AWARD. The awardees must meet the general criteria and excelled in their respective profession or field of endeavor.
    4. GOOD GOVERNANCE AWARD. Given to graduates who, while serving the government in elective posts, advocated transparency and integrity.
    5. YOUNG ACHIEVER AWARD. This is given to an alumnus or alumnae who graduated within five (5) years before the awarding, meets the general criteria and excelled in his or her chosen field/career.

    An alumnus or alumnae may be nominated to more than one category.

    Only one award may be received by a nominee. More than one award may be given per category except for the Young Achiever Award. Some categories may have no awardee in a year if there are no qualified nominees.

    Awardees must be present to receive their awards during the awarding ceremonies.

  • 2011 AWARDEES

    Professional Achievement Award in the field of Accounting

    Public Service


    2015 AWARDEES

    Architect ARTURO P. GALANG (BSA ’85)
    Professional Achievement Award in the field of Architecture

    Attorney MANUEL P. PUNZALAN (AB ’66)
    Professional Achievement Award in the field of Law

    Professional Achievement Award in the field of Business

    Ms. CLARITA L. MAGTOTO (AB ’68 and BSE ’69)
    Professional Achievement Award in the field of Education

    Dr. ARTHUR C. KO (BSN ’86)
    Professional Achievement Award in the field of Health

    Professional Achievement Award in the field of Arts

    Ambassador JERRIL G. SANTOS (HS ’75)
    Public Service

    Community Service

    Vice Mayor JIMMY T. LAZATIN (BSC ’79)
    Good Governance