The Campus Ministry Office serves the religious and spiritual needs of the whole UA community. This office is in charge of providing retreats, recollections, sacraments and social services to students and employees. It also aims to form small caring groups, also called the Basic Ecclesial Communities (BECs) and oversee the activities of different religious organizations and movements within the campus. The Campus Ministry Office is located at the former Music Room 1st Floor, Ryan Building.

  • Specific Programs

    Specific Programs

    • Eucharistic celebrations
      • Daily mass (Monday to Friday): 7:00 a.m. and 12:00 noon.
      • First Friday mass: 7:30 a.m., 9:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m.
    • Community observance of liturgical events
      • Mass of the Holy Spirit at the start of the school year
      • Our Lady of the Assumption Day
      • Advent Wreath Rite
      • Lenten Observances
    • First Communion and Confirmation
    • Religious seminars and lectures
    • Induction of Officers (Eucharistic Celebration)
    • FoundationDay
    • Spiritual Counseling and Confessions
    • Prayer Sessions
    • Recollections/Retreats.
    • Angelus at 12:00 noon.
    • Novenas, processions and recitation of the Holy Rosary in honor of the Virgin Mary.
  • Policy on the Admission of Non-Catholics and Non-Christians

    Policy on the Admission of Non-Catholics and Non-Christians

    Conditions for Admission

    Applicants must agree to the following requirements before admission:

    • To enroll and pass all Theology courses offered in every college;
    • To avoid any direct or indirect involvement in proselytizing within the campus or during off campus affairs authorized by the University.
    • To refrain from performing any act or utter words notoriously offensive to the Catholic Church–its dogmas, teaching and hierarchy, or the feelings of the faithful, or in places devoted to religious worship.
    • To attend annual recollection and retreats in the spirit of ecumenism.

    Consenting to subscribe to the above mentioned conditions and signing of the agreement, the applicant shall be enjoined to abide by the policies in order to avoid disciplinary action. This is done after consultation with the Director for Student Affairs and the Director of the Campus Ministry Office.

  • Procedure for Disciplinary Action

    Procedure for Disciplinary Action

    First Offense

    • Any student, faculty member or administrator may inform the Campus Ministry Office in writing, concerning any violation of the signed agreement committed by any non-Catholic or non Christian student.
    • The University Chaplain shall call the respondent for a hearing on the reported infraction. If the violation is proven true, the University Chaplain shall remind the student about his/her obligations stipulated in the signed agreement.

    Second Offense

    • The University Chaplain shall inform in writing the Director for Student Affairs regarding the second offense committed.
    • Accordingly, the Director for Student Affairs shall summon the respondent to explain his/her side relative to the reported violation.
    • After the hearing and evaluation of the evidence presented, the Director for Student Affairs may suspend, dismiss or expel the student depending on the gravity of the offense
  • Procedure for Application

    Procedure for Application

    For Transferees

    • The college dean, after processing the papers of the transferee, shall endorse the non-Catholic or non-Christian applicant to the Office of the Campus Ministry for interview and signing of the Letter of Agreement.
    • Four (4) copies of the form will be signed; the first copy for the Campus Ministry Office, the second copy for the Guidance Office, the third copy for the Director for Student Affairs and the last for the student applicant.
    • The University Chaplain shall then endorse the transferees to the Director for Student Affairs for further interview and instructions.

    For Freshmen

    • a. The Guidance Office shall determine non-Catholics or non- Christians among applicants.
    • b. After qualifying in the examination, the applicant shall be endorsed to the University Chaplain for interview.
    • c. After the interview,the applicant shall present the signed agreement to the Guidance Office, which in turn shall endorse the applicant to the dean for enrollment.
  • Enrolment Procedure for Students with Marital Problems

    Enrolment Procedure for Students with Marital Problems

    For Freshmen and Transferees

    • The Guidance Office shall determine who among the applicants are married but sacramentally wanting.
    • After passing the entrance examination, the applicant shall be endorsed to the Office of the Campus Ministry for an interview.
    • If proven wanting in requirements according to the rules of Catholic marriage, the Campus Ministry Office shall ask the applicant to sign an agreement regarding the need to correct the defects of his/her marital status in consonance with the Catholic Church’s laws.
    • After signing the Letter of Agreement, the applicant shall be endorsed to the dean for enrollment on “probationary status”. The applicant shall be given five (5) months grace period or to settle within the semester the defects in his/her marital status. After the grace period, the applicant shall be required to present a marriage contract from the Church. Failure to do so shall automatically bar the student from re-enrolment in the University.

    For Old Students

    • The dean’s office, prior to the processing of the enrolment forms of married students whose marriage is inconsistent with the requirements of the Catholic Church, shall send them to the Campus Ministry Director/Chaplain for an interview.
    • The University Chaplain shall determine whether or not the married students have complied with the requirements stipulated in the Letter of Agreement signed in the previous semester by checking the required marriage contract from the Church.
    • If the marriage contract presented is considered valid by the University Chaplain, the student shall be endorsed to the dean’s office for enrollment.
    • Should the student fail to comply with the conditions provided for in the Letter of Agreement signed in the preceding semester, the University Chaplain shall recommend to the dean the non- enrolment of the student until such time, requirements are settled by the student.
  • Recollection


    A recollection is a whole day activity that starts at 8 am and ends at 4:00 pm. This spiritual activity is intended for the undergraduates (first year and second year college). As per agreement with the deans and in coordination with the Institute of Theology and Religious Studies (ITRS) Department, students shall be excused from classes to ensure their presence in this spiritual exercise.

    The following guidelines shall be observed when recollections are held:

    • The Campus Ministry Office shall take charge of the preparation of the schedule of recollections.
    • The Pastoral Council Representative shall inform the students about the recollection, at least two (2) days before the schedule for proper dissemination of information.
    • The Pastoral Council Representative, in coordination with the class presidents, shall prepare a complete list of participants in each class one (1) day before the recollection.
    • Should there be students who fail to attend their scheduled recollection, they may join other classes/groups on their scheduled recollections. However, if students still fail to attend the recollection set for them, they will automatically receive a grade of “incomplete” in their Theology class.
    • No fee shall be assessed on students for the recollection; however, should there be extra expenses such as transportation expenses, the class president, together with the treasurer, shall take charge of the collection.
  • Retreat


    The Retreat is a three-day out-of-town spiritual activity. This aims to
    prepare graduating students experience a meaningful graduation and equip them with the values needed to become resilient with life’s challenges after graduation.

    The guidelines for the retreat are as follow:

    • The Campus Ministry Office, in coordination with the deans of the different departments, shall prepare the schedule of retreats.
    • The Campus Ministry Office shall be responsible for the scouting of venues and retreat facilitators.
    • The Business Manager shall prepare the materials, payment of each retreatant and necessary arrangements with bus companies, retreat house/s and place or venue for the departure of the retreatants.
    • The Pastoral Council Representative shall request from the Director for Student Affairs copies of the parent consent slip five (5) school days before the scheduled retreat. The reply slip of the Letter to Parents/Guardians shall be collected from the students two (2) school days before the retreat.
    • The Pastoral Council Representative shall be responsible for the dissemination of the retreat schedules and related information to the graduating students. The list of participants shall be given to the Business Manager one (1) week prior to the retreat for the final budget and arrangements.
    • Student participation in a retreat is mandatory. However, for those who fail to attend scheduled retreats due to an unavoidable circumstance, may join a one-day recollection on a date set by the Campus Ministry Office.